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"Infinite imagination is the origin and the foundation of the worlds."-MPella







Michelle Pella (Michelle Christine Moore) is an american music singer-songwriter, born in St. Louis, Missouri, to Jetaun Pernell and Michael Christopher Moore. Michelle's mother knew that her daughter was drawn to music because she would sit Michelle in her car seat next to the radio system and Michelle's expression would show how much she loved music.                                                                 

Michelle's passion and musical start began at Lafayette Elementary School, where she learned about film and music, as the classroom watched legendary film; The Sound of Music, with Dame Julia Andrews.

Michelle sang in the church choir, that her late grandmother, Ardentrice Moore, lead. Michelle's grandmother played a significant role in her life, loved and served God, singer-songwriter, nurse,loving woman and mother to many. She instilled in Michelle love and compassion for people and passion for music and creativity.

Michelle recognized that she had a voice to sing as she listened to Iconic Whitney Houston's, I Will Always Love You, in the mirror as she combed and brushed her hair for school.

At age 14, Michelle co-wrote and co-directed a high school film (credits to: Beaumont High School) "The Inner Core", with other students for a music class assignment. Michelle's development in arts and creative writing lead her to begin writing songs at 15.
Michelle attended Sumner High School and South County Technical School, where she graduated and received technical honors in Health Science and Arts. 

 Michelle discovered that she had a different way of writing music and that of not like anyone else that she'd known. Michelle writes songs as melodies come to mind, having the memorization and arrangement of lyrics and songs. The name Pella comes from a combination of Michelle's mother and father's names also from root word accapella.

Michelle began recording music and performing at local events in Missouri with other musicians and talented artists, later transitioning to Florida where she found clarity, inspiration and strength in the pursuit of music. Michelle struggled but found the needed focus and determination of her goals by faith. Michelle's career is set on a positive path to success. There is more in store to come with this blossoming fairy songstress! Follow Michelle Pella on Twitter @_michellepella and IG @michellepella for the latest news and updates. 





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